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What is CAFSAC?

The Canadian Armed Forces Small Arms Concentration (CAFSAC) is an annual shooting match for CAF and foreign military teams using rifles, pistols and light machine guns, held to help improve marksmanship and small arms proficiency.

Is this just static target shooting?

Although the targets are paper, the competition goes far beyond simply shooting in a static setting. Rifle competitions consist of firing from multiple positions, run downs, rapid firing and deliberate shooting from distances of up to 500 metres. Pistol matches utilize a variety of positions and distances including dynamic firing and moving.

What weapons do you use?

Currently the team trains with the C7A2 rifle, Browning Hi-Power 9mm pistol and C9 LMG.

How often do you train?

Once the training season begins, the time commitment is fairly extensive. Most training is conducted on weekends with occasional training on some weeknights. Expect to attend full day range sessions nearly every Saturday. Team members are also expected to complete PT and dry training such as practicing position changes on their own.

What if I can't make it to every practice?

To compete at CAFSAC, all competitors must reach a certain skill level and pass the required tests. These include PWT 3 and 4 rifle, PWT 3 pistol and FORCE Combat. It is understood that work and life sometimes gets in the way of training, but it is expected that any shooter hoping to compete would attend at least 70% of training events.

Is the NDHQ Small Arms Team a shooting club?

No, the purpose is to generate a competition ready team to attend the annual CAFSAC matches using CAF issued small arms.

Is there a cost to compete or take part in the training?

No, all required equipment is provided. The team is sponsored by CFSU(O), with weapons, ammunition and training costs covered.

Many competitors buy small personal items such as gloves, ear defenders and dump bags, but there is no requirement to purchase any items beyond those on the kit list.

What equipment do I need?

If not already issued, you will require

-Load Bearing Vest
-Plate Carrier Vest
-Ballistic Eyewear
-CADPAT ( including wet weather gear)

A complete kit list will provided once you begin training. This will authorize you to draw any kit items you may require from Clothing Stores. It is each member's responsibility to ensure they have the kit required.

Do I have to be a great shot and have lots of range experience to try out?

No. The training program is designed to take shooters with basic weapons training (PWT 1) and develop all of the skills required to shoot at a competitive level. We use a combination of dry fire, Small Arms Trainer and extensive live fire training to provide the best instruction possible.

What does it mean to be a part of the team?

Everyone must decide for themselves what it means (for them) to be part of the team.
The team is a process of learning, a journey of excellence, an attitude of relentless pursue, a mindset of a shooter, a state of being among a very diverse and very select group of extremely ordinary CAF members doing extraordinary things above and beyond they have to.
You can show up and shoot and not be part of the team; you can show up and not shoot and be part of the team.
To some it's practicing a soldier skill, to others it's getting to CAFSAC, to yet others it's discovering what they can do.

You'll be part of the team because of what you do and how you roll. You'll be part of the team because that is who you are.

What Time Commitment can I Expect?

We will train for Service Rifle:
- Pre Range Briefings and Dry firing - Some Saturdays 0800-1400 Jan-Mar.
- Range Practice - Some Saturdays and fewer Sundays 0800-1600 Apr-Sept.

Service Pistol (Optional):
- Fridays 0800-1400 or Wednesday evenings 1600-2000 May - Sept

You will not have to attend all sessions, there are multiple duplicates to give flexibility, as long as all the appropriate milestones are met. Many of them will be met the same session.

You can expect to attend 2 Rifle sessions per month, and if you decide to train with service pistol, 2-3 sessions per month.

You can see the current schedule and milestones in the "Events" tab and the "Personal Accomplishment Checklist" tab.

Where does the team meet?

Early practices will be at 15 De Niverville in Uplands on Saturdays, with the SAT sessions at Cartier Drill hall. Once we hit the range in April however, it will be at Connaught ranges, generally Charlie range for Service Rifle, and P3 for Service Pistol.

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